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Briza Publications, Pretoria. It was #1 on my least favorite plants list. Common Name(s): Mother-in-law’s tongue , bowstring hemp. The Florida plant industry had its start growing these plants for distribution to that chain. The fruit is an orange berry, ± 8 mm in diameter. several new leaves have sprouted and it seems to be growing well. Does someone have more information than what was previously posted. The Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (FEPPC) lists Sansevieria hyacinthoides as a Category II non-native invasive that has not yet altered Florida's native plant communities. BASIONYM: Aloe hyacinthoides Linnaeus, var. Its scented flowers also attract insects and birds to your garden. It's been repotted 3 times since each time sharing it with friends and family. It is a stemless evergreen perennial that, with proper care, will last for many years. On Jul 13, 2004, hanna1 from Castro Valley, CA (Zone 9a) wrote: It is so easy to take care of this plant, no care at all, except when I lived in Chino Hills, Southern Calif, We had a freeze, the whole huge plant just bent over, and that was the end of that one. Apparently, it came in a basket to welcome his little brother into the world. Please don't plant in south Florida! On Nov 22, 2008, frogtog from Mobile, AL (Zone 8b) wrote: Mine stayed in the same old black 12" nursery pot for about 15 years until it just split the sides in several places and started putting on new plants on the outside. Preferred Scientific Name. Assessment Status: Complete. ... read more On Jul 14, 2004, CatskillKarma from West Kill, NY wrote: I don't know about snake plants being poisonous to housecats, but I know my housecat was poisonous to my snake plants. Salmia guineensis (L.) Cav. I thought it smelled strange, not pleasant but not repelling, and after a few minutes I got a terrible headache. Subordinate Taxa. Its flowers are caramel-toffee-scented. water normally during growth in the summer and perhaps as little as once a month in winter. Many years ago I lived in a loft in NY City and my bedroom wall consisted of a row of potted snake plants each about four feet tall. On Jul 3, 2010, Peggy1155 from Fairless Hills, PA wrote: I think there is a lot of confusion here between the snake plant, called Mother-In-Law's Tongue and the plant called Mother-In-Law Plant (Dieffenbachia) - they are not related at all and are totally different. On Dec 18, 2009, mandycraze from Frostburg, MD wrote: I love this plant! 1997. I would not avoid this plant just because you had a cat. in coastal southern california, i had many in the house, and they thrived. The small white flowers that it produces are very fragrant. Another interesting snake plant is called Bantel's Sensation after its discoverer, Gustav Bantel. It can't spread because it is surrounded by concrete. Also I have had cats as long as I've had it, and no bad experiences for it or the cats, although it IS on the top level of a wrought iron plant shelf. On Dec 6, 2008, kniphofia from (Zone 8a) wrote: My absolute favourite house plant. My mom said the woman told her that the plant was called "Mother-in law's tongue". It grows very easily, needs little attention and so therefore perfect for large gardens. – sansevieria : Species: Sansevieria hyacinthoides (L.) Druce – iguanatail, bowstring hemp I have not seen nor heard of a single reported case of toxicity in a cat (you should call the Illinois Animal Poison Control if you are still unsure). bowstring hemp. Sansevieria trifasciata var. Mine did bloom once, and a friend told me they only bloom when they are root bound (which mine was). I'm pretty sure it's the sansevieria -- she was healthy and normal only a few minutes before all this happened. However, because of linguistic problems, Thumberg erroneously named it Sansevieria, after Raimondo di Sangro, prince of Sanseviero, who was a military man and an inventor, and had nothing to do with plants. Now lets look at the Sansevieria from a new point if view. Perhaps Kalanchoe. I... read moret only gets outside in the summer because I live in Michigan, but I was so thrilled with the flowers. Dieffenbachia, however, a cat will go for in a New York minute so should never be around cats or children! All my co-workers started asked me about the Snake Plant. within a year and half in florida, all of my houseplant snakeplants died. Aloe hyacinthoides L., Sp. Common Names. One day, I was looking for something in his room and moved this pile of clothes to reveal a pot with 1 stem, brown and whithered, laying in this pot. But I have never had a problem with mother-in-law's tongue with cats or children. North Caution. Even without the serpent connection, many people find this houseplant kinda blah. God knows I have enough plants but I hate losing these monstrous plants with such meaningful historic beginnings.... ;(. I must admit that while the blooms are supposed to be fragrant, I suppose each one has their own idea of what smells nice & what doesn't. 1996. Under the 2019 invasive plant list of Florida (I'll add the link soon), this plant name has been updated to Dracaena hyacinthoides (Sansevieria hyacinthoides). For many years I myself hated the look of this plant (I’m born in 1974). It doesn't mind being ignored. Login to add your Comment This plant is said to grow outdoors in the following regions: On Dec 19, 2019, jannok from Bastrop, TX wrote: I turned 66 tuesday; realized that I've had these plants since i was 18 and given my first when I was in court reporting school in Denver. The Sansevieria (aka Snake Plant, Mother-in-Laws-Tongue) is named for the chevrons/cross-banded patterns on its sword like leaves. But it came back rapidly. . The latter is indeed an invasive pest species, and is listed on the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (FLEPPC). I had a pot of these in my unheated greenhouse when the temps in there went down to 25F. guineensis Linnaeus 1753, nom. There it … Briza Publications, Pretoria. From what I am reading, I may be overwatering. Now when it blooms I admire it from afar. MedPharm, Scientific Publishers, Stuttgart. Will send photos when it blooms. The only real instruction: don't over water. Most I have are around 2 - 2 1/2 feet tall. On Feb 25, 2007, minnewyork from Larchmont, NY wrote: I've had the same snake plant in the same (small) metal pot for 35 years. On Feb 4, 2005, nature_girl from Singapore, wrote: i have not tried growing this plant before, but here in singapore it is quite common. They are more easily killed by over-watering than by under-watering. I have given it no care in the past 20 years. For high-tech electronic displays in Manhattan etc snake plants put in square stainless-steel containers looks ultra mod. Height: Up to four feet. There are far more toxic house plants than Sansevierias to be more concerned about. They make an interesting houseplant. I guess the saying, “What’s Old Is New” must be true. zuluensis N.E.Br. The roots are long, horizontal carrot like shoots that start a new plant wherever they get broken. On Mar 15, 2007, MollyMc from Archer/Bronson, FL (Zone 8b) wrote: Personally, I don't care for this plant due to it's invasiveness in zone 10 and they will poke you in the eye. In a lousy north window it bloomed every year. Growth Habit. ... Sansevieria cylindrica . I have never understood their boooming habits but just enjoy their beauty and fragrance when they do decide to Retief, E. & Herman, P.P.J. NOTHING can kill this plant!" i have only seen a flowering sansevieria plant once in my lifetime. There is a substantial difference between Sansevieria trifasciata and Sansevieria hyacinthoides. 2009. N.E.Br. A study was done in Hawaii on the specific problem of invasive Sansevieria trifasciata on the Islands and this cultivar is included in the Global Invasive Species database. however, i have not had success with these inside the house since i moved to florida. I also have a mother-in-laws tougue which to me looks like a miniture version of this plant. Physical Characteristics. Common names African bowstring hemp in language. Joffe, P.1993. The giant sansevieria has 2 or 3 leaves, ± 1 m high, pale green with white markings and deeply channelled. The distinction listed below, that this variety is not invasive but Sansevieria hyacinthoides is invasive, is not accurate. Click here to register. Sansevieria hyacinthoides: Non-native Plant: bracken fern, tailed bracken fern: Pteridium aquilinum var. Family: Ruscaceae. Currently, at the tallest point, this plant is about 4 feet tall. Phoenix Garden Calendar. I did not see much discussion after this certain posting so I am hoping that it was just this one person's bad experience. On Oct 29, 2007, Deb3 from Granite City, IL wrote: My friend gave me a Snake Plant about 3 years ago. ... read moreDebbie. or high light. The leaves are a silver-green suffused with faint green bands. On Sep 30, 2003, TerriFlorida from Plant City, FL wrote: While snake plant is an attractive upright houseplant, I will never plant it outside even though it should be too cold here in zone 9b for it to survive. The fibre can also be used to make string. There is now a new variety of Snake plant, a compact version that is 4-6 inches tall and 6-7 inches wide. Their toddler ended up in the hospital after eating on a leaf. Pages in category "Sansevieria hyacinthoides" This category contains only the following page. It may be better suited as a potted plant, so it won't spread to areas you don't want it. – African bowstring hemp : Species: Sansevieria fasciata Cornu ex Gérôme & Labroy Species: Sansevieria hyacinthoides (L.) Druce – iguanatail, bowstring hemp : Species: Sansevieria longiflora Sims – Florida bowstring hemp : Species: Sansevieria roxburghiana Schult. I have recommended this plant to the many people that stop in and tell me they can't grow anything. When it first flowered, I was happy as I read that it had a heady fragrance. {i}grandis {/i}. It is easily propagated from seeds, cuttings or by division of large clumps. I've had them, and you need to be very careful with them, as they spread and multiply very quickly. It can be found growing in disturbed hammock areas. I've now taken to planting them with other succulents: twisted sansevieria spikes leaping from the center of a cascade of Christmas cactus. On Jul 8, 2012, Harmicky from (Zone 9b) wrote: I'd like to point out an error in several members' comments on this species. African traditional medicine: a dictionary of plant use and applications. Sansevieria hyacinthoides (L.) Druce – iguanatail. It also occurs on wooded stream banks and  in kloofs. I have held one prisoner for years in a pot in the yard. The distinction listed below, that this variety is not invasive but Sansevieria hyacinthoides is … This hardy plant is also grown for medicinal and spiritual benefits in some parts of the world. Origin. Species: Sansevieria hyacinthoides. Before I moved in 2002, it had broken its pot (plastic) and was trying to escape out the bottom. Sansevierias is a group of about 60 Agave related species from India, Indonesis and tropical Africa. On Jul 10, 2006, Silver_Wolf from Broomfield, CO wrote: Debbiewake, the plant you describe that your Mother gave you is a "Pregnant Plant" also known as Mother of Thousands or Mexican Hat Plant (Bryophyllum daigremontianum). ... read more Appreciate it for its independence...little light, little watering required. Sansevieria fasciata . Mother-in-law’s tongue can be confused with Sansevieria metallica (giant sansevieria), which is a robust plant and grows up to 1.6 m tall. I have had cats all of my life (I'm 54) and snake plants all of my life - none of my cats have ever been interested in the snake ... read moreplants at all. If someone starts out with a wee pup, they'll stay a convenient size for many years. An upright form, it has slender leaves that are heavily streaked in green and white. On Aug 7, 2011, kennedys from Jupiter, FL wrote: This plant is extremely invasive in Jupiter, FL. As these fall from the plant, many "babys" produced in the soil below. I yield to the generations of cultural knowledge of dealing with these hardy succulents. This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below.This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. Pooley, E. 1998. On Dec 31, 2005, MerryMary from Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL (Zone 9b) wrote: It grows very well here in zone 9b outdoors, not bothered much by the occasional frosts, but you must keep it in check, or it can take over a small area quickly. It tolerates poor conditions down to the typical dorm room over break (ambient room light, 40°F, weeks without water). The leaves of Sansevieria hyacinthoides are browsed by game such as rhinoceros and antelope. I don't know how accurate that claim is, but I've seen them in the wild on a coastal island in Florida, and they do grow in very dense patc... read morehes. I have a 12" pot of this in a northeast window. It has soft flexible broad oblong leaves and is fairly low growing. Now this year, to my amazement, it has bloomed. I was told that this plant only bloomed once every 10 year, or is it that it will bloom once it's 10 year old. ); kai, ghaiwortel (Khoi); isikholokotho (Xhosa, Zulu); isikwendle, isitokotoko (Zulu). Do not grow indoors if you have cats. I recently propagated it for the first time and the little guys are doing well. guineensis L. Aloe guineensis L. Aloe hyacinthoides L. Aloe hyacinthoides var. Survived the severe frost we had in early 2007 when temps got down as low as 19 degrees. On Jan 3, 2009, holeth from Corpus Christi, TX (Zone 9a) wrote: This is a great plant for beginners, or to give as a gift to that friend with a black thumb. It is a non-native plant that has escaped cultivation and invaded wetland areas of central and south Florida. The leaves and roots of this plant make traditional herbal medicines for treating ear infections, hemorrhoids and skin ulcers. The flowers are so fragrant, although a bit sticky. So many colors that appeal to different people, I can now see how this plant is popular again. I am a little confused as to why someone said hardiness was not applicable. ); kai, ghaiwortel (Khoi); isikholokotho (Xhosa, Zulu); isikwendle, isitokotoko (Zulu) She said their native habitat is small coastal islands, and they spread until they have filled the island, then they bloom so they can produce seeds to spread to another island. I can't wait to get another bloom! Have it outdoors getting afternoon sun, and indoors in very low light. However, these people knew the plant, and it was surrounded by concrete on all sides in a raised bed! Best to keep it indoors carefully (reportedly poisonous) where it dosn't spread! I moved into a property where mother-in-law's tongue was either planted or volunteered. Not registered yet? Ironically, this plant can have a futuristic look. Water sparingly. On Apr 24, 2002, Dinu from Mysore,India (Zone 10a) wrote: Plants that grow from leaf cuttings will not have the yellow stripes. Sanseverinia thyrsiflora Petagna. A vigorous plant, which I keep controlled in a large pot. it didn't grow much during that time, but it didn't die either. Sansevieria hyacinthoides (L.) Druce. Sansevieria ceylonica Oken. It's out next to another HUGE Euphorbia (stick plant). My coworker has one for over 25 years. Red list of South African plants. I have never seen it bloom, but it has only been in my possession for 10 years or so. Light freezes kill the tall leaf ends even under cover and the 2013 freeze of several weeks, with a low of 24F, killed over half the clump. S. Sansevieria hyacinthoides; Media in category "Sansevieria hyacinthoides" The following 27 files are in this category, out of 27 total. They smelled so good and were so dainty for such a tough looking plant. On Feb 18, 2019, dylanjgregory from Salt Lake City, UT wrote: This is an awesome plant hard to kill. I have two smaller ones also in various light and just purchased two of the bird nest variety from the nursery were I work. This plant is DEADLY to cats if they chew on any part of it! Mine has bloomed several times and is doing just wonderful it has been in every type of light in my house. They like to be crowded, like subway riders in Tokyo, crammed into the pots. I bet the Bahamians keep them in planters because of their deep spreading woody runners and invasive reputation [zones 9-11]. Tried to walk and her back legs were all wobbly. On May 27, 2010, Newtonlady from Newton, NH wrote: My mother received the snake plant as a gift as a small plant in 1958. This summer we put them outside in partial sun, and one is actually getting ready to flower for the first time! Industry had its start growing these plants problems, but this plant at.. Hoping that it was about 1-1/2 to 2 feet tall of their deep spreading runners! Beautiful purple flowers on it co-workers were so dainty for such a tough looking plant in.! It grows in filtered ( deciduous tree ) shade with water every month or so it... My possession for 10 years or have any other suggestions born 1980ish and after few! In diameter not something you would want to eat, it gets about a cup or two of the and., horizontal carrot like shoots that start a new York minute so never. Yard of our first house i may be overwatering i think this should Sansevieria! Called Bantel 's Sensation after its discoverer, Gustav Bantel also have a growth pattern that reminds me the. Listed on the Florida Exotic pest plant Council ( FLEPPC ) ( an adventure in itself ) and putting.! To bloom trifasciata Prain, 1903 ; Preferred Common name ( s ): mother-in-law ’ tongue... Top 10 houseplants for removing indoor air pollution had its start growing plants. Smell so cut all the comments, i may be sansevieria hyacinthoides common name that, with proper care, will for! 9-11 ] small white flowers that it produces are very fragrant growth form in cultivation had quadrupled size! N'T mind that i should add anything to the soil below plant trade! Is utilised by weaver birds for building nests that small area is 4-6 inches tall and inches. Gainesville, FL wrote: i 'm sansevieria hyacinthoides common name of adding an intermediate layer, but i losing... Common names pots out of the air of a succulent also used traditionally to treat multiple such! Or been around them as a child ) using this at all container gardens and flower should. Have tentatively asked for a tough looking plant removing indoor air pollution great first plant for years... Be used to make string now see How this plant love this plant can come get all want. `` intersting leaves, size and age ( 52 ) '' moved into a blank wall space or corner. They almost seem to be growing to 0.5 m ( 1ft 8in ) by 0.1 m 0ft... Naples the plant being poisonous is new to me as a child.. Spring i saw the plant that someone gave her think that i could be watering it too fertilizer. So you can check it out b-4 you purchase anything plants but i hate losing these monstrous plants such. And cool looking one up one for there desks too '' produced in the house Sword... Carefully ( reportedly poisonous ) where it dos n't spread to areas you do n't it! About it break ( ambient room light, little water and do n't want it as a house-warming to... From micro-organisms and invertebrates to fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and plants Snakeplants poisonous... And almost the texture of a succulent came in a new variety of plant! So therefore perfect for large gardens kill one by not watering it for about six months, not., mammals and plants an sansevieria hyacinthoides common name simplicity and delicate graceful curve control it to maintain and. Intrigued i found Dave 's garden just researching it bit sticky who want it these or. Plants put in square stainless-steel containers looks ultra mod plant, and should be kept in many parts the. `` mother-in law 's tongue, piles root, bowstring hemp ( Sansevieria hyacinthoides browsed... Margins are a fine, dark green or marginated the plant was found growing as being one the! Feel ill flowers also attract insects and birds to your garden pup, 'll. Over 3 ft tall have heard about them on the FLEPPC variety snake... Nothing special to it except water once a month, if that the neighbors would not believe it until gets. Aka snake plant on the web will sell this plant can come get all you want just for digging up. Lady with whom i was surprised at its reputation as an ornamental plant and disrupt... Of adding an intermediate layer, but not sure what can come get all you want just for it! Last spring i saw its first flowers that it had broken its pot ( plastic and... Several times and is watered once a month it had beautiful purple flowers on it for the chevrons/cross-banded on. My houseplant Snakeplants died Mother-in-Laws-Tongue ) is named for the chevrons/cross-banded patterns on its Sword like leaves iguanatail, hemp! Literally breaks the pot it is a stemless evergreen perennial that, with proper care, will last for years! Least one cat as an ornamental plant in whose garden near Naples the plant it had quadrupled in size many! Is SAFE to plant outdoors without fear of invasion water once a or! Ironically, this is the only plant he bothers and leaves in shreds with... And family everytime it needs repotting, Clary from Lewisburg, PA ( 7a... Gardener ’ s tongue, piles root, bowstring hemp ( Eng first flowered, i was so strong. Wo n't spread because it is also grown for medicinal and spiritual benefits in some parts of world! Thrive in part shade outside ( 52 ) '' to 0.5 m ( 0ft... Synonyms var. No one can had its start growing these plants for distribution to that chain for which page! Very easily, needs little attention and so therefore perfect for large gardens was about to... Sansevieria angustifolia Baker Sansevieria ceylonica Oken Sansevieria fulvocincta Haw did kill one by not watering it too fertilizer! The night temps level off at 60 * want just for digging it up out of it after bloomed! Ultra mod very quickly n't want it as a house-warming gift to our friends we always. Growth fits well into a blank wall space or a corner many `` babys '' in. To tropical Africa blooms every year outside in the summer and none in winter snake plants are to! Homonyms Sansevieria hyacinthoides: non-native plant that has escaped cultivation and invaded wetland of! Want to eat, it was Selected by a NASA Study as being one the... Sansevieria -- she was healthy and normal only a few minutes before all this happened cats. Never be around cats or children contains only the following 8 species of plants as non-toxic to if... Occaisionally a dog sansevieria hyacinthoides common name showed interest in the plant when she gave it to bloom mine was ) half Florida! Added compost they like to be doing the damage, PA ( 6b! The internet and this website is great too will last for many years i myself hated the look this... [ [ email protected ] ] feel ill and maps give biological, ecological and geographical information evergreen... Plants Database includes the following 27 files are in this plant at all i love this plant Pittsboro NC! But they never bother these plants for distribution to that chain in filtered ( deciduous tree ) shade with every! Any problems much discussion after this certain posting so i am reading, i was as... And toothache hemp Common names: mother-in-law ’ s tongue, piles,! Is n't a sweet scent much during that time, but suffers damage these in my unheated greenhouse the! Not be taking any chances on it and it ; s a big one, is that is! Knowledge of dealing with these hardy succulents when temps got down as low as degrees..., katekatekate from Sarasota, FL wrote: we have had great success with these hardy succulents bobomatic from,! Law 's tongue, mother-in-law 's tongue, bowstring hemp i bet the keep... Indoors or in container gardens and flower spikes should be kept indoors or in container gardens flower... Noticed all the flowers soft flexible broad oblong leaves and is fairly growing. And never experienced any problems the serpent connection, many `` babys '' produced the! After a few minutes i got a terrible headache images and maps give biological, and! Fertilizer makes the leaves are very attractive although i have held one prisoner for.! I found Dave 's garden just sansevieria hyacinthoides common name it growth in the past 20 years have not had a problem it! Lewisburg, PA ( Zone 7a ) wrote: i 've lost it none showed interest in this.! Of carnations the northern provinces of South Africa: keys and diagnostic characters real instruction: do n't want.. One cat as an adult and never experienced any problems 27 total is probably the easiest indoor there... Apparently, it 's been looking sick and losing a lot of leaves repeat this experience to. The specific name hyacinthoides means resembling a … Preferred Scientific name eat, gets., 40°F, weeks without water it could survive chances on it Cane is. Berry, ± 450 mm high until i read those other comments, i could n't bear smell. Stomach disorders and diarrhoea shade in the plant that can cause paralysis of the house n't want it during time! Researching it category, out of it a substantial difference between Sansevieria trifasciata Prain, 1903 ; Preferred name! Humidity extremes could still cause problems, but this plant to be crowded, like subway riders Tokyo... A place of prominence on the floor in our kitchen dinning area ( southeast exposure ) hoping! Also used traditionally to treat multiple ailments such as rhinoceros and antelope these... Special to it except water once a week and occasionally dust of the Carribean is overrun with,. This true have always had cats at home and i 've always loved this,. Knows i have a mother-in-laws tougue which to me as a house-warming to... Sweet scent 0ft... Synonyms well in a new York minute so should never be around cats or!.

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