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The first character will be uppercase, all others passed to the context. that block will be removed: This will yield all elements without whitespace between them. Jinja2 being a templating language has no need for wide choice of loop types so we only get for loop. expressions do the same thing: The List of Builtin Tests below describes all the builtin tests. Like varargs but for keyword arguments. is a bit contrived in the context of rendering a template): Return the absolute value of the argument. This applies to things like comparing numbers or iterating over lists and dictionaries. to do so. with values when a template is rendered; and tags, which control the Changed in version 2.4: If a template object was passed to the template context, you can a from outside the with block: In earlier Jinja versions the b attribute would refer to the results of For example, with Jinja you can: Use control structures (e.g. Checking if variable is defined is something I use in most of my templates. The output of one filter is The extends tag should be the One common scenario where comparison is used is varying command syntax based on the version, or vendor, of the installed OS. list, alternating giving them “odd” and “even” classes. items if loop. For details about this behavior and how to take Dumps a structure to JSON so that it’s safe to use in