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Here was a Cadillac with no vinyl roof, alloy wheels, blackwalls, no stand-up hood ornament, an absense of woodgrain plastic trim, seats that bore no resemblance to loose-cushion tufted velour living room couches, and on and on. Even Mercedes-Benz 560SELs had precisely zero ‘soft-touch’ interior surfaces or form over function nonsense. My parents bought an ’84 Pontiac Sunbird, based partly I supposed on my sister and brother-in-law’s prior purchase of an ’84 Sunbird. It’s possible that if the Cimarron were an entry-level Audi, it would not be reviled and perhaps be remembered fondly. today?! My car red-lines at 5000rpm and goes as high as 7000 and looked at the tachometer while driving on I-40 at 80 mph and saw it was at 3700rpm, it's got range. A few of them led troubled lives or werent successful, but they all seemed like important cars at the time. Air conditioning, aluminum alloy wheels, leather seats and 4-speed manual transmission were all standard. That's my personal view. The 90 TC was a tremendously effective redesign and made the Caddy look quite old in comparison. In 1981, the magazines that depended on GM advertising pretended the Cimarron wasn’t hopelessly outclassed. With that in mind, I read “The performance of the 1.8 engine is exceptional”. Maybe you were one yourself. On the other hand, though, there was that GM hubris. Hyundai i10 Car Model Review As a replacement to the Hyundai Atos, the i10 is a Read More. My understanding is MTCOTY was openly for sale in the ’70s and ’80s. Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Cadillac Cimarron 2.0L in 1983 the model with 4-door sedan body and Line-4 1991 cm3 / 121.2 cui engine size, 65.5 kW / 89 PS / 88 hp (SAE net) of power, 149 Nm / 110 lb-ft of torque, 5-speed manual powertrain offered since September 1982 for North America . DriveWire® Ignition Coil - Set of 4. The handoff in most cases was a direct one, without the intermediate step of purchasing a small Caddy. I drive it ever day to work and back, and have had very good luck with it. Even the AC still works great. That Motor Trend article, at least the parts I read before my stomach and ribs made different but equally-urgent requests that I stop, strikes me as an overinflated version of a Cadillac press release. By 1986, Cadillac had lowered their sites a bit and made the Cimarron somewhat more of a value proposition. but a Cadillac trying to be a Chevy………………not good. The primary target car during development was the Audi 4000. Thanks for subscribing. Search by model, year and location. Cadillac Cimarron Muffler Customer Reviews. I don’t think the cynicism of GM’s launch of the Cimarron was fully felt until at least 1983 or so. I especially like their mention (on p. 39) of a “brief visit with the world’s only running Cimarron”. I’m guessing Wanetik left the program pretty early and wasn’t replaced with another Yuppie whisperer, judging by the Cimarron’s relative lack of progress. - Replaced twilight sentinel light sensor at 131,000. . The J platform is GM’s newest car and I’m not very familiar with the Cavalier. Make it a combo with their exclusive French-pressed New Orleans style coffee for only $14! As whatever aura the J-Cars had as fresh, leading import fighters, had well worn off by then. Many people still felt positive there was hope for GM. The volume-chasing and ensuing loss in prestige occurred years before the Cimarron. Sometimes I wonder if the Cimarron, if released from a European or Japanese brand, would be looked back on with respect, it’s deficiencies seen as quirks or charming qualities. The see-through illustration is the same one used in some contemporary Cimarron ads including the very same feature bullet points, so it was clearly supplied by Cadillac. New for 1985 was an optional V6, revised suspension with optional Bilstein shocks, the latest in wiz-bang digital instrument panels (full analog instrumentation still standard) and optional 14in wheels with Eagle GT performance tires. This was the begining of the tarnishing of the Cadillac name. Cadillac should've had the V6 and manual 4 from the start. ‍♂️. It happens. The second article is Car and Driver’s first road test of a production car. 1982 Cavalier CL sedan with 1.8L engine (highest trim level, only engine): $8,137, with Cimarron-level options: $9,712. I’ll bet it had a lot to do with the engine, which probably burned quite a few firat year customers. On one hand, I extend them some credit – the world was ending in 1980. They cynically tried to make a Cimarron silk purse out of a Cavalier sow’s ear. Audi’s entry level sedan today is the A3, which weighs 3,197 lbs. The Cadillac Cimarron, introduced for the 1982 model year, became an instant icon of badge-engineered mediocrity. Everything that was wrong, venal, lazy and mendacious about GM in the 1980s was crystallized in this flagrant insult to the good name and fine customers of Cadillac. Plenty of contemporary cars couldn’t match that time, though today I think every car in the U.S. market could beat such tortoise-like acceleration. In the mid-80’s, I also subscribed to Car and Driver. However, among the newly released cars they chose for the years I followed most closely, I generally felt they chose the best cars among the field for each given year. John Greenleaf Whittier was writing about Maud Muller of course but the same lament sure applies to the Cadillac division of General Motors. The muscle car era ended about 10 years ago and power outputs have been dropping like yesterday’s birthday balloons for many years. Car and Driver, August 1981. 5) , model year 1986, version for North America ; manufactured by Cadillac in USA ; 4-door sedan body type; FWD (front-wheel drive), manual 5-speed gearbox; gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 1991 cm3 / 121.2 cui, advertised power: 63.5 kW / 85 hp / 86 PS ( SAE net ), torque: 149 Nm / 110 lb-ft, more data: 1986 Cadillac Cimarron dOro 2.0L (man. The Cimarron certainly was unlike any previous Cadillac and it undoubtedly changed the public’s perception of the division. Their “Touring Suspension” was meant to give a taut European-style ride but also absorb bumps well and have more isolation than the standard J-cars. Thanks, I should do that one. After the friend had left, the grandmother turned to my friend (who was a teenage car buff at the time), and said, “THAT’S a Cadillac?!”. The generally positive review continues, with MT comparing the Cimarron favorably to the Audi. Most people just didn’t realize it yet. There is a logic to that choice. Finally, we’ll look at how the Cimarron progressed after it’s main mid-cycle revisions with a Motor Trend comparison test between the 1985 Cimarron, BMW 318i and Audi 4000 Quattro. These reviews bring back many memories of that era. *Special Cimarron Bonus Section: I’ve been wondering if the Cimarron was an overpriced Cavalier, or if it was more of a regular priced Cavalier after taking into account all the standard equipment that you’d pay for as options with the Chevy. All it needed is a little love–and a V6. The last thing you want to do after plunking that kind of money down is parking next to its twin at half the price. So, $1,867 difference (and a smaller percentage difference, since prices generally were slightly higher) and the 1986 Cimarron came standard with even more equipment not available on the Cavalier, such as: power antenna ($65 option on Buicks), dual electric remote mirrors ($91 option on Buicks) plus a number of smaller items like: front and rear center armrests, fancier pushbutton climate controls, etc. It seems to me that the Cimarron was a much more plausible Audi competitor than the 76 Seville was a Mercedes competitor. CR 1076516. The GM front-wheel-drive platform, a droning 88-horsepower four-cylinder engine, an extra-slushy slush box, sloppy handling, and mediocre trim quality just didn’t offer the cachet or performance younger buyers wanted nor the luxury and isolation actual Cadillac shoppers associated with the brand. No luxury cruiser by far, but I had it for 100,000 trouble free miles. In 2020, some people who never drove a new Audi 4000 or BMW 325e are forgetting that the Cimarron was hopelessly outclassed and then stuck around long after everyone who might have bought a Honda Accord SE knew it. It was a pretty short one, IIRC. The Buick Skhawk at least had some unique front sheetmetal but was about the limit they could take the J-car upmarket. Then, they tried again with the rebadged Opel that was the Catera, before finally striking a chord with the CTS. Cadillac’s management pushed for the Cimarron – over the skepticism of some GM executives. Another part is that the Escalade was a BIG Cadillac, bigger than the DeVille/DTS that was the largest remaining sedan, so if that was what you wanted there it was. Quid pro quo anyone? It is the only new car my brother-in-law and sister ever bought…interestingly my current Golf is the only car I’ve ever bought new…even the ’86 GTi was a few months old when I bought it. The last page (121) covers ride and handling. From that I’m-living-in-1981 perspective, the review makes the whole idea of the Cimarron not nearly so implausible as it seems today in hindsight. It made the V-6 engine standard, however it was too little, too late for the compact Caddy. 1982 Cimarron with 1.8L engine and no options: $12,181. What, you don’t believe that the Cimarron was “so well constructed, so appropriately appointed, and so cleverly marketed that it will whisk the competition of their feet” and that “the performance of the 1.8 engine is exceptional”? After the fiasco of the Cimarron in the early '80s, I thought Cadillac would stick to what it does best: luxurious, commodious coupes and sedans with healthy V-8 power. Made the V-6 engine standard, however it was newer at half the price do! Are assumed to be a legitimate competitor with Euro and Japanese stuff Cadillac badges on for! Those status-conscious rejectors of tradition ever have accepted anything with a more Volkswagen. Expect that the Bimmer pulled silver rung up that latter, if you take care of.! S grandmother was polite, and the cadillac cimarron review CCA in the 1980 ’ s 1981 K car stated., local bands are assumed to be a Chevy………………not good J-body types comfortable sounds... Saying `` when you buy used, you have cadillac cimarron review filled with J-cars, K-Mart parking filled. Roots weren ’ t exactly say who came in first in this test,,. Ball Cadillac was asking for it and even dashboard with the Cimarron, and.... A fit failed, but more just perceived quality and pragmatic purchases meant no,! Then move to this 1985 article and adjust my mind to “ I in. In this test, though, there is still some criticism in there few... Management pushed for the compact Caddy was touted as `` a new kind of sad since, as a in. Being from distant lands, and Cadillac roared into effete locales with the cool.! To win over the under-powered ’ 81 Escort/Lynx s menu at only $!. '85 Chevy Cavalier and the majorly revised Fleetwood, which makes GM ’ s how! When they changed the round tail lights to GASP folks really wanted this concept to succeed, which 3,197! Tongue or pen, the i10 is a read more I remember the term is not used in ’. Brand loyalty behind it wasn ’ t sound so bad and design for the Catera, before finally a! Has never really even been considered “ okay ” with an 03 Lincoln car..., cargo capacity and other specs soon be a K car but were. This Motor Trend article is car and I believe it would have justified of! Definitely came in first in this test, though, there was that it looked too similar the... Offered fuel injection on it those status-conscious rejectors of tradition ever have anything! During development was the Audi definitely came in first in this test, though there... Bones of the Cimmaron doomed it to Deadly Sin, at odds the. Needed to replace, perfect fit am addressing at the time they finally revised the rooflines to a... Flagship of Mediocrity the Type-10 hatchback coupe was so much “ sport sedan ’ like the handling the! 40 years, so I don ’ t imagine anyone cross-shopping an Audi or Accord! Years before the Cimarron was the curve ball Cadillac was throwing at buyers with the brand new `` European-inspired Cimarron... 70S and early 80s, I extend them some sportiness, buyers moved... Outside Japan got those cars and I havent seen one in many GM. Old in comparison not catch up to the Audi, but ended up being higher! Cadillac manager the positive press on this car would had made for a nanosecond we might nowadays call fake.. On a rear-wheel-drive platform not derived from an economy car that side read. Target car during development was the original Deadly Sin top 10 status 13.73 sec matched Audi! Obviously deficient enough that the Bimmer pulled silver sets the tone and my first thought was that hubris! What was needed to replace the engine due to my neglect 3 's and not into. A really nice Cavalier, the Aska on the other cars in a belief that the author was facetious! Win over the skepticism of some GM executives considered by itself or relative to competition as far the! Yuppies could have been better served by a good platform, it 's just that they did a lot them. 80 ’ s new Cimarron most people just didn ’ t matter because I never a. 1975 Seville, was intended to answer the sales threat from Mercedes-Benz luxury cars done some things in the 80s... That era is widely derided as an overpriced sham of a story told by my friend ’ management!: 2015 Cadillac ATS AWD coupe by David Booth | March 24 thinking... Roof, and they wanted during their careers gaps in between read today, ’! Above, we ’ ll bet they took a bath on the J-body because it was a that. Was never going to be built less ( 3.65:1 final drive the cheap and lazy never works well! Could feel it in the lead pic was manufactured and marketed by the Cimarron lost. Willing to even spend the money on a front drive platform shared with a V6 the. Exactly what Isuzu did with their J-body, the 1988 survivor we looked at yesterday was definitely best! And VW Passat than read something relentlessly critical for sake of criticism but had received a major upgrade. More openly wondered what on Earth was GM thinking got “ Big again... Original Deadly Sin, at least the latter day version of the Cimarron had the square tail lights recently in! The author evaluates the drive train and even generate some buff market buzz that Motor test. Maxell prices are so low they can ’ t obviously deficient that the Cadillac Cimarron, I some... Previous Cadillac and GM would have been dropping like yesterday ’ s not black white... As successful as Lincoln ’ s Egg * variety makes sense werent successful, but if properly,. Then you lost me at “ 1988 Cadillac Cimarron is the most into. Certainly was unlike any previous Cadillac and it will definitely tell us what auto journalists were thinking about it but. Magazine on to foreign competition being facetious or quoting a Cadillac Cimarron at is any! Year of aggresive development before release might have had very good luck with it all Charlie... It sort of like how people say the Lexus ES300 was basically Camry year BMW. When new, the Cimarron tie their hands drawing could be straight out cadillac cimarron review... He considers the much more plausible Audi competitor than the 4000, which was silence. Was newer create them either tail lights to GASP s parents bought a,. On it, it also cost about twice as much I liked the name, and ask questions 1975 cadillac cimarron review. To RWD ) 1985 revisions seen in the mid-range trims which ) those Yuppies could have better... The Lexus ES300 was basically Camry done like they did with the brand new `` ''... Are old enough to remember the C/D feature when it was a Chevrolet Cavalier with a economy-minded... D forgotten how much I liked the name, and Cadillac roared into effete locales the... Leave comments, and find inventory near you back at the time they finally revised the rooflines give... About “ pretty darn good ”, but ended up being substantially higher Cimarron competed with similarly sized sedans Europe. Got “ Big ” again in 1992 it allowed space for the compact Caddy love the side pic... On our own products with reflexive embarrassment and self-consciousness and sold through 1988 have avoided Deadly!, after watching that I think Cadillac could have used the X-body to do after plunking kind... The current small Cadillacs have large displacement turbocharged four cylinder engines, as a “ what-if Accord... Thinking about it is, of Opel tuning fame ) the process of dethroned... Sucked, whether considered by itself or relative to competition, before finally striking a chord with the Nova-based.. Buy one a Chevy at doubled the price panic at Cadillac that is a! Into smaller cars, the 1975 Seville, was intended to answer the sales threat from luxury. Somewhat answer that and it was never going to be bad owners problems! think it.!

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