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Click the "Card View" button to view all commands in an easier-to-read format. Discussion. He enjoys deck builders, strategy, and loves Bad North a little too much. As we mentioned, there’s plenty for a Stellaris player to like in Galaxy Command, so let us help you get started. This is the iPad for you, Flagships don’t require XP items to upgrade, unlike your leaders, You can upgrade a Flagship by leveling up its corresponding leader, unlocking skills which can effect it, You can also install Flagship components to change the way the ship works, Hunting pirates for boxes is a good way of getting flagship parts or basic organic matter, Rewards from missions are also a good way to get these matierials, You can find the Stellaris Galaxy Command APK on APK Pure. There are also tonnes of other features that strategy players might recognise from the original Stellaris – such as ship combat, building upkeep, exploration, and governance. For example

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